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Lightning Protection for residential and commercial properties.

Expires December 12, 2019

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Corrigan Lightning Rods

Professional Services in Arlington,TX

Protecting the People and Property You Love Since 1953

4401 Little Road Ste 550
Arlington, TX, 76016
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About This Business

Who are we?
We are a family owned and operated business and have been since 1953. We have 4 generations worth of experience all of which are NFPA listed installers. We do all our own work, We NEVER send out a third party to do a job. WE offer you the finest quality materials at the fairest price possible for personalized service and free consultation. Through the years we have served all over the united states on a wide variety of projects including residential and commercial properties.

What causes a lightning strike?
Lightning is the phenomenon which accompanies the discharge of atmospheric charges from cloud to cloud or cloud to earth, such as buildings or towering projections. Positive electrical charges gather in the clouds negative charges gather in the ground. When the attraction between two structures is strong enough they come together in the form of lightning. Lightning rod equipment or lightning protection, properly manufactured and installed, dissipates these charges and is the best defense available.

What are lightning rods?
Lightning rods or “air terminals” are just one component in a larger system to protect against lightning strikes which is commonly associated with faraday cage. Different structures require different types of systems and require different materials but the goal is always the same PROTECT YOU AGAINST LIGHTNING! We use the finest material available. All of which is approved and labeled by U.L. (Underwriters Laboratories) and installed to NFPA code 780 (National fire protection association). The main goal of these lightning protection systems is to dissipate the charges that cause a lightning strike.

Weather Vanes and Decorative Pieces
Upon request we can supply and install custom made weather vanes, hand crafted decorative air terminals, and other decorative pieces for custom homes.

Oil Field grounding services and Salt water disposal units
We also specialize in oil field grounding services and lightning protection for salt water disposal units. Lightning very commonly strikes these areas and facilities and we design and install customized lightning protection systems specific to each project following NFPA code. A majority of Tank batteries for example require combination of a faraday and early streamer rod system. All of these systems consist of bonding of the vent pipes, cat walks, thief hatches, bull plugs, tank sticks, tank lift straps and metal structures and bodies in the surrounding area of the tank battery. The primary reason for a system to be installed would be to protect the property and the employees.


  • John Corrigan and his sons are outstanding! They did outstanding work installing our lighting rods at a reasonable price. They were prompt, very professional and honest. I would call them again and recommend them to anyone. - Rich D.

  • Prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable in their entire work project. - Richard B.

  • Very professional work. I feel confident our home will be protected with any future lightning strikes. - Stella R.


  • Custom Weather Vanes
  • Lightning Rod Installation
  • Oil Field Grounding

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