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Receive 10% off you move total when you present this coupon printed or electronically to the driver on your move. 10% off our already great rates helps you stay way under budget!

Valid on moves over 2.5 hours in length.

Expires August 4, 2022

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About This Business

We dedicate ourselves to offering exceptional service at a fraction of what other movers charge. We provide services for every aspect of your move, from packing, materials, blankets, to wrap and tools. We bring everything necessary to expedite your move and make it as affordable as possible. We have specialized equipment for things such as safes, piano’s etc to help keep the items safe during transport and facilitate the moving process to save you money. Contact Us at 512-567-5385 or 512-680-9557 or email us at: Visit and like us at

Before you move! We want you to compare us against any and all insured moving companies. Ask them this:


Do you have additional fee’s for: trip charges/fuel, stairs, heavy or special items dis-assembly/reassembly of items?

Do you bring power tools? (not hand screwdrivers) (this is a huge time saver!)

Do you have specially modified high capacity dollies for carrying larger loads especially up stairs?

Will you change my Dryer Plug, assemble: beds, bunk beds, tv stands, (or insert something else you need done)?

You will find the common answer is no, first because it goes against their better interests to “speed your move up” because they work by the hour.


This is why the average quote we give is usually almost half of what the other “big name” companies are. We would rather earn your business and then have you refer three or four friends than take longer than necessary on your move. Also if you call, you’ll talk to me, the owner not some $8 employee sitting behind a desk. I will ask a lot of questions they don’t, because as a mover myself I know what things can make things easy or hard and you can’t give a good quote if you don’t know all of the details. I also will tell you how you can help yourself by packing efficiently which helps us also and saves you time and therefore money. If you want it done “right the first time” and you want exceptional service that goes beyond just moving you items from point A to B, call us. We will be more than happy to save you money, and to go above and beyond for you!
Here are some average move costs:
1bd 1st, 2nd, or 3rd fl to 1st or 2nd fl apt or house $210
2bd 1st, 2nd, or 3rd fl to 1st or 2nd fl apt or house $260
3bd house 2story to 1 story or reversed $ 390
4bd house (well packed) with garage and patio items $500-$700

Uhual renters! I have completed a Uhual experiment in which we rented a 14′ truck for an average 1 bedroom move. The initial cost they advertise was 19.95 a day, this couldn’t have been further from the truth! After insurance and millage and fuel, the total cost for a 1 bedroom move which was average size and took two trips (the second not very full at all) was $178. Our two hour minimum using a large trailer (32ft) more than enough room for one trip and not two is $210. And our price includes everything! Two men, power tools to take things apart, and two hours of labor for $32 more than what you will pay for the same job. Also, if you rent a Uhual then you have to provide your own labor! So call us, stop thinking your saving money renting because it’s just not worth the effort and the time to do it yourself when we can do it for you for just a few $ more.


  • Assembly help
  • Large Items
  • Long Distance
  • We Can Pack For You

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