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$59.95 Migraine Relief Acu-Pressure (Reg. $75)

Suffering from Migraines? Call Today 512-954-1194 or 512-306-0535 to book your Z-ACU-THERAPY Migraine Relief New Client Session for $59.95 (Reg. $75).

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Therapy for Pain Management, Insomnia Relief and Stress Relief

7413 Old Bee Caves Rd., Suite 2
Austin, TX, 78735
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About This Business

Z-Acu-Therapy for pain management specializes in trauma of acute and chronic injuries through acupressure only- No Needles..

How does Z-Acu-Therapy (ZAT) differ from other approaches?

From our experience we have found ZAT:
• Can provide immediate pain relief
• Can provide long lasting relief
• Is gentle, non-invasive- NO NEEDLES!
• Is chemical free and all natural
• It is an energetic process not just physical
• It really gets results!

"I would like to share with you my story of chronic pain. Over 20 years ago I was walking along a beautiful beach in New Jersey when I came upon some rather big drain pipes on the beach blocking my way. I decided I would just climb over one of them so that quickly I could continue on my walk. I took a step up on the pipe and unfortunately slipped, went head over heels over the pipe and banged the back of my shoulder causing a painful injury. I went to the doctor and he gave me a cortisone shot in the injured area. This didn’t help much at all. I pretty much just lived with the situation until about 4 years ago when I moved to Austin I came across a new approach to pain management called Z-Acu-Therapy.
Since my injury had been there for so long, I had developed significant scar tissue. After several sessions of Z-Acu-Therapy the practitioner was able to resolve my chronic pain. I was amazed and so impressed by this modality I decided to become a practitioner so I could share it with others." Teresa Mullan Frease.

Z-Acu-Therapy is especially popular for athletes and those who suffer from the following pain conditions:

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Back Pain

Knee Pain


Carpal Tunnel

Tennis Elbow


Plantar Fasciitis

Sports Injuries

Z- Acu-Therapy is named after the creator of this approach to pain management, Insomnia Relief and Stress Relief - Dr. Dongxun Zhang D.AOM, L. Ac. Dr. Zhang is a renowned doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which he learned at an early age from his family tradition. He has studied under many established TCM experts such as geriatrics expert, Dr. Farong Zhang, kidney disease expert, Dr. Yianqin Zou, and the founder of wrist and ankle acupuncture Dr. Xinshu Zhang. Dr. Zhang is the founder of the “Zhang’s Sternum Region Diagnosis and Treatment System as well as the Zhang’s Micro-system Treatment method.

Teresa Mullan Frease, M-Phil, LMT, Practices out of Oak Hill Healing Arts, 7413, Old Bee caves Rd

Teresa is a practitioner of Z-Acu-Therapy at Oak Hill Healing Arts Center, Austin. She was personally trained by Dr. Zhang in this revolutionary new non-invasive, needless approach to pain management, Insomnia and Stress Relief. She has also studied and practiced Dr. Zhang’s Traditional Qi Gong*, under his instruction for the past 18 years. She is a certified senior Qi Gong teacher and teaches Dr. Zhang’s most advanced Qi Gong levels.

Bob Zhang​, TX Lic. Ac.​, Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine. Practices out of Austin Natural Healing Center, 3701 Bee Caves Rd,, suite 102

Bob Zhang is nationally licensed and board certified in Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He is skilled in treating pain conditions as well as degenerative diseases related to the joints, bone, and musculoskeletal system. He also specializes in non-invasive, needless Z-Acu-Therapy and acupressure system.


  • "I had been suffering from pain in my right arm for about one month before going to see Teresa. The pain was in my tendons, not with the muscles or shoulder itself. There wasn't a particular injury that I suffered to cause this pain, but the pain limited the mobility and use of my arm. This was especially bothersome because it made it difficult to participate in my weekly workouts. I tried a deep tissue massage but that only alleviated the pain; the tendon was still injured. I was open to trying anything to heal the tendon and my personal trainer recommended Teresa's services. In only two sessions I was pain free and regained the mobility and use of my arm. My tendons were healed and I have been able to participate in my workouts at 100% without any issue. I would definitely recommend Teresa if you are suffering from an ongoing injury and are looking for complete healing. Her methods really do work!" P.B. Lakeway, TX

  • About 8 years ago I feel form a ladder and landed on my side. Over the years I started to develop swellling and pain in my back, behiind my shoulder blade. I would ice it, take anti-inflammatory medicines, go for massages - It never got better. I went to Teresa at Z-Acu-Therapy and within 2 treatments I could feel a significant improvement. By the third treatment I could even sleep on my side without too much discomfort. I highly recommend Teresa to anyone suffering form pain that other modalities did not help. She is patient and very caring in her approach. Thank you Teresa!

  • Carol Garner Doughty reviewed Z-Acu-Therapy Austin —
    5 star
    July 2, 2015 ·

    I had really wanted to try Z-Acu-Therapy as a way to relieve pain in my feet. Theresa worked on my left foot for 45 minutes, and it was not painful as she did it. I left with the foot feeling better and need to make an appointment for the right foot! She has had many, many hours of training in this alternative therapy for pain relief, and it was obvious she knew what she was doing!

  • Lisa Wolniewitz reviewed Z-Acu-Therapy Austin. Oct 20th 2016 -- Last Year I had an opportunity to use Z-Acu-Therapy. I had been struggling with shoulder spasm, shooting pain down my right arm due to repetitive movements at the computer. I was instructed by my primary physician to seek PT. After 3 monthsof PT, I have very little relief. Then I met Teresa Frease with Z-Acu-Therapy and after 2 sessions of acupressure , using only her thumbs, the pain was gone. Just from using Z-Acu-Therapy, changing myy position and continuing to build strength in my upper and lower back I have full use of my arm and shoulder again without the pain.

  • M.T. Austin, TX reviewed Z-Acu-Therapy - I developed a tremor in my right arm and hand 7 or 8 months ago; several professionals questioned and examined me, and believed it to be a musculo-skeletal issue. I tried many forms of treatment, and eventually considered Z-Acu-Therapy with Teresa. I had a total of 6 treatments over about a 5 week period. The protocol involves a specialized form of pressure to tender areas that reduces and resolves inflammation. I had multiple areas that needed treatment, but at my last session, Teresa could not find any more areas of tenderness, and said I needed no further treatments at this time. By the end of treatment I no longer had the tremor. Teresa has this Z-AcuTherapy down, and I highly recommend it. Thank you, Teresa!

  • My shoulder had been giving me problems for almost 18 months when I went to see Teresa for a treatment. After the first treatment things improved, although not significantly. After the second treatment however, I felt a major shift for the better. And ever since that point my shoulder has continued to get stronger and healthier. It was definitely a turning point for me around this issue. I highly recommend Teresa and Z Acu Therapy .- Tim C. Austin

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